The Virtuous Woman

I want a “green thumb”!

Ok…I will admit, I am a plant killer. However, I had a great experience keeping my poinsettia alive this past Christmas.  In the past, I have been unable to keep plants alive while in my care.  The sad part is that I grew up spending many days with my grandparents who were skilled gardeners.  Some where along the way I decided I would just give up and never touch a plant again.  Once I moved into my dream home, 3 years ago, I had a change of heart once I saw my beautiful Kramer’s Supreme Camellia that was planted by the previous owner. (shown below)


Slowly, I gained an interest in gardening and I’ve been reading many gardening books and articles, to help me in my efforts.  Here are a few of my favorite gardening books so far:

Beginner’s Illustrated Guide to Gardening:  Techniques to Help Get You Started by Katie Elzer-Peters

The Unexpected Houseplant: 220 extraordinary choices for every room in your home. By Tovah Martin

I also read a lot of articles on the HGTV Garden website.  This site has a lot of helpful instructions and tips.

My husband bought me 2 beautiful poinsettia on Black Friday and I was able to keep them alive through Christmas.  I was planning to keep them and try to regrow them for next season but they had an unfortunate meeting with a rambunctious nephew during the holiday gatherings. 😦

I am thinking and researching several plants.  I plan to have 2 new house babies soon.  Here are my potential plants:


1. Star Jasmine ( or  any variety of Jasmine, such as Arabian Jasmine): I simply love the smell of Jasmine and I would love to have this plant in my home or outside (seeing that it is a vine plant) for the smell and beauty.  In my research I have discovered that it can be a little difficult to find and grow but there are great tips on how to grow the J. polyanthum variety on a host of websites.  If you have any tips, please share.


2. Jade: This plant is easy to care for and will add beautiful greenery to my home.



3. White Peace Lily: This plant is very pretty, helps fight indoor pollution, and is easy to grow.  I really would love to have several indoor pollution fighting plants but I find this one the most beautiful of my limited knowledge.  A plant from this variety will help in my efforts to become healthier by making healthy choices.

I guess some people will find gardening or owning plants to be an “old lady” hobby but I think it add beauty to the home.  I’m going to give this my best shot, green thumb or not! Look for future posting as I venture into the world of gardening.



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