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Disney’s Cinderella

Anyone that knows me, knows I love a good story.  So much, that I chose my career as a School Librarian because of my great love of stories.  I am just as fond of movies when they have a great story. I was totally blown away by Disney’s new movie, Cinderella.  Ok…I’ll admit that I am typically a fan of all things Disney but I really loved the revision of this movie.  It is definitely the best family movie that I have seen so far, this year.  Here’s why:

1. This film was absolutely beautiful!  From the costumes, to the scenery, the attention to details in this film was impeccable.  It really shows that the goal was to create beauty throughout the film, which would only be expected to meet the expectations of Cinderella fans whom grew up watching the cartoon version as children.

2. “Be kind & courageous.”, was the central message of the story and was appropriately delivered throughout the movie.  This was an important lesson delivered in a time when girls are physically, mentally, and emotionally tearing each other a part.  It takes a lot of courage to be kind when there are so many girls beings raised to be mean and horrible to each other. The movie does a wonderful job showing girls how to be strong where it really counts, such as in their self-identity.

3. The story was masterfully remixed to create a story with a strong character.  Often times Disney’s former movies have been accused of portraying girls as damsels in distress, in need of a prince or a knight and shining armor to rescue them and whisk them off to live happily ever after. Cinderella was portrayed as strong but kind and gentle.  She was smart and an independent thinker, unafraid of standing up for her passions.  I think the writers did a wonderful job appealing to the viewers who may have wanted to see a more well-rounded character.

I highly recommend this move to families, especially those who have girls.  It can serve as a great conversation starter with girls as we guide them into becoming kind and courageous women.

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