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Mom’s Day Off… for real!

As a mother, its always tempting to try to be everything to everybody, while neglecting the one person, I need to take care of… me. Although I think I have really grown in this area and I have become a much more balanced woman than 10 years ago. I still find it very difficult to take time to rest and relax, which has a lot of healthy benefits that will truly add to my improved lifestyle.  I truly love the attention that I receive every year from my adoring family, from the gifts and outings, to the kind words of thanks, flowers, & cards.  However, what I truly need is a day off.  As I talk to other women, friends, colleagues, and family, the same seems to be true for everyone.  We all need a day off!  Not just a day to reconnect with our significant others but a day in which we don’t have to be wife, baby, sister, daughter, counselor, nurse, chef, secretary, CEO, accountant, family manager/event planner,….. and the list goes on and on and on. Although, I wonder if we can truly turn it off (ourselves) and ignore the call of duty and the desire to provide nurturing care to those around us.

Don’t get me wrong, its a great thing to find so many women that share the love of caring for their families, in a society that has become so selfish and insensitive to the needs of those around them. However, if you’re anything like me, you know what a disservice it is to yourself and your family, when you are not providing the same care and concern to yourself, as you give others.  It’s so important, that I am currently figuring out ways to take alone moments every day as a little treat to myself.  As far as Mother’s Day is concerned, since I can not seem to ignore the urge to nurture and busy myself, I have a plan of action.  I will take Mother’s Day off and remove myself from my home by booking a room in a nice hotel, and enjoying some much needed pampering and nurturing to myself.  I will also continue creating at least 30 minutes of “mom time” every day, to just turn my busy mind off and enjoy a quiet moment or activity.

I did take some time to watch the movie “Mom’s Night Out” on Mother’s Day and it was hilarious and such a great story.  It definitely had a lot of Christian elements without being overwhelmingly preachy, which I was very excited about.  It was a movie that the average mom and the extremely busy mom could both relate to.  Here’s a clip below:

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