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I love summertime with my family.  Being an educator truly has its benefits, one being the time off in the summer that I spend with my husband and 2 kids.  Some would think that it could get boring after a while but I try to keep our schedules jam-packed with fun, engaging, and some times educational activities.  I truly believe that students need a break from the tedious tasks that academics bring to them for 10 months, however, its important that they engage in educational activities to retain learning.  We try to limit our kids educational activities to about 1 1/2 hours per day, which will include reading and some type of math activity.  The rest of their days are filled with vacations, family events, games, and personal hobbies they enjoy.  Here are a few of our favorite activities that you and your family can enjoy:

1. Summer Reading Programs at the Public Library.

According to the American Library Association, across the nation, “95% of public libraries participate in summer reading programs”, which encourage children, and in some cases, adults, to read during summer vacation.  Each year, public libraries choose a theme that is created by the Collaborative Summer Library Program, that incorporates setting reading goals and exciting events, such as magic shows for grade students; arts & crafts, technology, and science fun with teens.  Of course, seeing that I am a School Librarian, there are many notable benefits of participating in these programs, here are a few: the family spends time together, encourages lifelong reading habits, sparks interest in books, & students are able to retain skills over the summer.  This year’s theme is: Everybody’s A Hero.  For more information, read: Why Public Summer Reading Programs Are Important.

2. Summer Kids Movie Festivals

There are several companies that sponsor Summer Kids Movie Festivals for national movie chains.  1-2 times a week, these theatres show kid movies from previous years at a discounted rate.  Often times, there are opportunities to see fairly new movies, from the previous year.  For example, Regal theatre will be showing “Annie” & “SpongeBob: Out of Water”.  Here are a few theatres that host summer series this year & their schedule.  Input your location into the websites to view the accurate schedule for a theatre near you.

Regal Theatres

Carmike Cinemas

Studio Movie Grill, which is my absolute favorite theatre because of its quality in both food and theatres. They also have a host of movie series offerings throughout the year, such as the following, Children’s Summer Series, Girl’s Night Out, Family Rewind, Toons!, & Special Needs Screening:

AMC Theatres has taken a different approach, by offering adult movies as well.  All proceeds will benefit the Will Rogers Institute.

These 2 activities are just a few of the events that we use to keep our family entertained throughout the summer.  I will share more of our activities and family outings throughout the summer.  Share your favorite summer events & activities below.

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