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Since when did the word prude resurface as a hot new insult in our society.  I recently noticed that the word prude is being thrown around by women as an insult  to those who may have conservative views or lifestyles.  The word prude has always carried a negative tone and meaning, and is defined as the following:

Prude (noun)- : a person who is easily shocked or offended by things that do not shock or offend other people


Typically prude was especially used to describe women who may show extreme modesty. When used as a insult, most people are referring to a woman who has standards of modesty or moral beliefs.  Maybe this word resurfacing was intended as a new hot insult, however, it could be a good thing when considering the entertainment industry’s standards for women.

Prudent is a similar word but is particularly used as a virtue.

Prudent (adj.) – having or showing careful and good judgment; arising from the word prudence

Prudence (noun)careful good judgment that allows someone to avoid danger or risks

Prudent is a great virtue to promote and acquire.  It is frequently mentioned in the Bible as virtue for both men and women and the Bible highlights a wife as a blessing from the Lord when she has this attribute (Proverbs 19:14).  Living in our day and time, being a prudent woman is a blessing to your life and those around you.  Being modest, careful, and using wisdom are qualities that will help you to thrive in our current economy. Every day we hear news of U.S. systems failing in various industries.  For example, the alarming rise in the number of recalls in the food industry.  A prudent woman is careful and uses good judgment in decisions regarding nutritional health of herself and her family, which might include judging the quality of the food she buys.

The prudent virtue can be applied to various areas of life including, finances, family, education, health, relationships, and host of other areas.  Prudence can lead to a better quality of life, especially when coupled with the wisdom that comes from living a life guided by God.  It will help you to take care in making decisions and for Christians, this means considering the Word, when we don’t quite know what to do.  Prudent is an attribute to achieve that will lead to a thriving lifestyle, even standing out as confident and sexy woman in your uniqueness.  A prude would even be a little refreshing, in today’s standards of character. Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to use words when they resurface with negative intentions, taking time to consider the origin and intended use of the word. Consider prudence as a virtue of quality and importance.

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