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Enjoying a Healthier Lifestyle

Today I was inspired by a comment I made on blog, to share a little about my own journey towards a healthier lifestyle.  In 2012, I began a revised health and fitness routine which consisted of eating healthy and exercising regularly.  I am proud to say that I lost 25 pounds and I have been able to stay in a healthy weight range and make continued improvements to my health goals.  In this post I will share some of my favorite tools, books, and updates that I have made to my routine.

I began my lifestyle change by drinking more water, tracking my calorie intake, exercising, and eating healthy.  I also began reading to gain more knowledge and make wise decisions about the nutritional value of food.  Here are a few of my favorites:

My favorite website/app.: This website is a social media site that focuses on helping participants track their calorie intake, as well as connect to friends who have fitness goals.  It is a community that encourages and holds each other accountable for their goals.  This site has helped me tremendously in achieving and maintaining my fitness goals.

My favorite resource: Divine Health with Dr. Don Colbert (faith & health website/blog) Eat This and Live by Don Colbert, M.D. Dr. Don Colbert’s books have been instrumental in helping me adapt and change my lifestyle.  He has been instrumental and inspirational in guiding me to healthy choices in food, fitness, and practical ways to achieve my goals.  Here are a few books that I love:

The Seven Pillars of Health by Don Colbert, M.D.

Eat This and Live by Don Colbert, M.D.

My favorite tool/snack: Nutri Ninja & smoothies/juice: I recently purchased a Nutri Ninja to create healthy juices and smoothies for snacks.  After agonizing over the hundreds of nutrient extractors/juices, I made a decision to purchase the Nutri Ninja because of the reviews it received.  I absolutely love this product and it is a huge hit in my house.  The sound of the blending, literally brings my children and husband running to discover which yummy treat is available.



My favorite exercise routine: Yoga

Although I enjoy walking and aerobics, yoga has been a useful tool for me, especially in regards to my sciatica problems.  It has been instrumental in alleviating the pain in my back and helps me to wind down after busy and/or stressful day.

The most important thing that I have learned is to learn enjoy the changes I’ve made. I also try not to pressure myself to be a health nut every day.  I am a foodie and I still love food but I am creative in how I enjoy healthier choices. I will definitely share some of my favorite recipes under the Guiltless Pleasures category.   I hope this post and tools will be useful or at least inspire you to find things that work for you.

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