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Happily Ever After

“And they lived happily ever after….”. Yes, I am living happily ever after. Living happily ever after is not living in the fantasy of a fairy tale life created by authors and film makers, it’s about discovering who you are, making a choice to be authentic every day, and having a mature and positive attitude.  I think these are a few contributing factors of why I am living happily ever after.  Notice that it does not start with me finding prince charming, which many fairy tales allude to as the factor to cause women to live happily ever.  Even if a woman find “a prince charming”, her happiness should not revolve around her significant other.  This is not fair to him nor is it a reliable source of happiness because imperfections in the man will cause the woman’s happiness to waiver. Here’s how I live life happily ever after.

Happiness starts within. Once I truly discovered who I am, I then truly began living a happily ever life.  Discovering who I am was a hard process because I had to learn to love myself.  For me, this process was easier once I began to develop a relationship with God and tapped into the awesome magnitude of His undying love and grace.  His love was unconditional and like nothing I had ever experienced before.  Understanding God’s love for me unleashed a desire to love myself and forgive people around me for the actions and comments that may have contributed to my low self-esteem. As I began loving myself, I began the journey to living an authentic life that did not involve pleasing others, searching for appraisal or validation, nor following the trends of peers and society.  I truly began to discover my God-given talents and gifts and what I wanted out of life. This discovery is one of the key factors that contributed to me finding my Mr. Right and he definitely adds a lot of happiness to my life, but it was my own confidence and authenticity that attracted him to me.

There is definitely a level of maturity that is required to live happily ever after. For instance, knowing that every day will not be perfect is required. You can make a choice to control your emotions and not let your emotions control you.  I do not allow my emotions to dictate to me how I respond to life.  Now, I would be lying if I said I am never emotional, besides, my husband could tell you otherwise.  However, for the most part I have learned to control my emotions and I make a choice to live happily every day.  Some days are harder than others as I face challenges and hard situations like everyone else.  However, I feel that because I have made a conscious decision to be happy and find the silver lining in life, the way that I experience life has been peaceful and less stressful. Living happily ever after is definitely determined by the lenses that you view life through.  If your lenses are full of smudges, lent, and dirt, then that is how you will view life.  If you clean the lenses and keep them clean, you will have a clear and beautiful view of life.

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