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The Beauty of Imperfection

Pearls are definitely my favorite jewel gem.  My fascination with this jewel began as a little girl, when I stumbled across my grandmother’s pearls.  Of course as a prissy girl, I loved to play dress up with my grandmother’s shoes and pearl necklaces.  I am still fascinated with these beautiful jewels and as an adult, I have come to appreciate the variety in types, color, and grades. What impresses me the most about pearls is the look and feel of real pearls.  There are even great imitation pearls, which can appear to be real pearls.  However, authentic pearls are never 100% identical and each jewel will have its own imperfection and flaws. What is amazing about this jewel is the fact that each pearl maintains its individual uniqueness but when stranded together, they create one elegant beautiful necklace.  Even the imperfections are not obvious to the naked eye, beautifully masked by the unity of the aligning of each bead.

As I describe my love of pearls, I’m reminded of the beauty of authentic, confident women.   The beauty of authenticity is often times overshadowed by the false sense of reality that comes from unrealistic beauty expectations, materialism, and a lack of independent thinking and uniqueness.  Most importantly is gaining a sense of independence in thinking.   The most challenging aspect of living an authentic life, in this day and time is ignoring the pressures of an overly opinionated society.  Social media definitely plays a part in the lack of authenticity, leaving people with the temptation to build a online identity that over exaggerates successes in life, marriage, and finances. It is great to celebrate these successes but it becomes damaging when life is revolved around posting every moment we experience in life.  I think we should live and enjoy life for ourselves, not for “Likes”.  Besides, who cares who “dislikes”.

It is probably pretty easy to fall prey to peer pressure, especially if someone is not secure in their own identity.  It’s great to be inspired by the success of other people, however, I think it is dangerous to follow others’ dreams, thinking that their choices and dreams will some how lead to the same success and happiness.  At some point,  we all have to find the real “woman in the mirror” and embrace our own dreams, aspirations, lifestyle, and self-identity.  Grace brings freedom and the confidence to live an authentic life.  The more I embrace God’s love and grace, the more I discover the confidence in my identity.  Just like pearls, there is beauty in even the flaws that I find.  Some of the imperfections that I have discovered over the years, became positives, adding to the beauty of my characteristics, physical appearance, and uniqueness. With time, those same flaws have become unnoticeable to the naked eye and useful in a more positive aspects.  I have allowed God to mold my uniqueness into the beautiful, authentic jewel He created me to be.

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