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Grace at First Sight

I wonder if people learned about grace as soon as they were saved, how much further along would their life be as opposed to starting salvation with religious traditions and legalism.  Becoming a Christian should be the happiest day your life. It should be like falling in love for the first time, the difference being that God truly is what the Word says He is.  It saddens me to know that the new birth experience is sometimes ruined unintentionally by members of the faith, who have yet to truly understand God’s true design for the Gospel of grace.

A lot of what you are taught as a new Christian is based on the Old Testament, which we are no longer bound to as new covenant Christians.  I like to refer to these religious traditions as myths, so I decided to share what I consider to be the most damaging myths to a new born Christian.  Along with the myths, I have included a  mythbuster, to help new Christians discover God’s grace and love.

Here are 4 grace lessons that will help you discover God’s grace as a new Christian:

  1. Myth: God is only good to you when you are good. God is good and good only. His goodness is not based on our goodness and ability to be perfect.  If we were able to be perfect there would be no need for a savior.  God’s goodness came to us with the package of salvation that includes wholeness in every area of our life.
  2. Myth: If you sin you are going to hell.  The requirement for heaven is to believe and receive the free gift of salvation.   We are a part of the new covenant, which we have partaken of because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Through this covenant we are able to receive Christ’s sacrifice, in which He took our place and paid the price of sin through His death.  We are no longer bound to pay the price of sin.  Jesus paid the full price of sin and this debt is no longer owed.  Committing sins will bring natural consequences into our lives.  For example, if you break a law, there are consequence in the U.S. which you may have endure for you choice to break the law.
  3. Myth:  You must complete religious tasks, to get God to do something for you.  You do not have to pray x’s a day, fast, lay prostrate, nor cross every t or dot every i , to get God to do something for you.  These tasks are valuable, in helping you focus and renew your mind to the Gospel of Grace, however, God does not need or want you to complete these tasks to get Him to do something.  When you received Christ, you received the finished works of Jesus Christ, which simply means, everything you need has been provided.  The key to manifestation is exercising your God given authority, receiving (by believing) in the finished works of Jesus Christ, resisting and being intolerant of anything that is not a finished work of Christ..
  4. Myth: “When bad things happen to me, God is punishing me.:”  God does not make bad things happen to you to punish you or test you.  Bad things happen because of 1 of 2 reasons, either a choice you made lead to a natural consequence or the adversary has attacked you in pursuit of your confidence in the love of God.  The good news is that even when we face tough situations, God will guide you and help you overcome the situation through various resources in the Earth.

Embrace the grace of God and you will open yourself to a lifetime of peace. Take the time to read and seek God for yourself, even in what you have read above and allow God to lead you to His message of grace.


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