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Sweet 16-Sweet Anniversary

My husband and I recently celebrated our 16th anniversary and its was definitely a sweet 16 celebration.  There is a point when your marriage hits the “sweet spot”. After adjusting to the various challenges of forming a new partnership, you eventually “hit the sweet spot”in your marriage”.  During this time period, couples have adjusted to cohabiting, forming a new partnership, and have truly committed to at least learning to be selfless. The sweet spot is defined as an optimum point or combination of factors or qualities that are great for success. There are definitely a combination of factors that contribute to having a sweet and happy marriage.

We are often asked what the secret is to having longevity and happiness in marriage.  This question is definitely a loaded question and would probably require a 30 minute conversation.  Here’s a few summed up secrets that both my husband and I think are great factors for a forever sweet marriage:

  1. Continue being true friends, true partners, and truly in love.
  2. Develop a selfless mindset.  Move far, far away from selfish motives by thinking of your spouse 1st in all endeavors. Do what’s best for all parties and not just yourself.
  3. Whatever you did to get him/her, continue in those things.
  4. Try to outdo each other with affection and loving gestures.  This is not always a monetary act  or a competition, it defines how you treat each other every day.
  5. Women: Show honor and respect all day every day.  When you are having a moment simply just not feeling it, take a break and go out with your girls or enjoy your favorite hobby or pastime. Some time away will bring perspective to the situation and refresh you.
  6. Men:  Be affectionate and provide security and honor your wife.  Lead with love like Jesus, don’t lead with an iron fist.  Be a true partner in all things but learn to lead your family like a compassionate CEO.
  7. Partnerships don’t require outside commentary.  Don’t involve your family and friends in personal and sensitive issues or decisions that should be made jointly with your spouse.  If necessary seek professional and/or spiritual advice, which doesn’t have to be one on one.  There are a lot of great books written by reliable sources, just make sure that the author/expert are experienced in what they have written about.  For example: don’t seek advice from the person that continues to fail in marriage but writes a book on how to be successful in marriage. However, you can trust the word of a changed person.  This person may have some valuable lessons to offer.

I hope these tips offer you great advice and bring you and your significant other a little dose of sweetness.

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