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In the month of June, I celebrated 6 years of beautiful natural hair and I couldn’t be happier.  Trust and believe the natural hair journey has not been all roses.  There have been a lot of trial and errors and the reevaluating of my hair regime changes periodically as well.  Even still, I can not see myself using a perm ever again at this point in my life.  In honor of my hair anniversary, I wanted to share my most successful resources, products, and tips.  For years now, my co-workers, family, and even strangers have bombarded me with questions and tips for successful maintenance of their natural hair.  I decided I would begin sharing my most prized tips and resources, here on my blog, Pinterest, and my brand new YouTube channel (COMING SOON! details provided later this month).

Lessons Learned

  1. There is no such thing as a miracle product.  Although, I have never really had this idea, I am often asked questions by others which give voice to this type of thinking. We each have our own unique type of hair that comes from our set of genetics.  The right products will enhance the hair texture that each of us have.
  2. Natural hair products are not “one size fit all”. Products may work well for one person and horribly for others.  Finding the right products requires some trial and error.  Finding a blogger or friend with similar texture is a great starting place for resources.  I would not be experiencing success with my natural hair without the amazing women that share their tips in various blogs, vlogs, books, and websites
  3. Work with your hair, don’t let your hair work you.  Finding a regime that works well for your hair and lifestyle is the key to hair happiness.
  4. Bad hair days are real! Some days my hair just doesn’t cooperate with what I want to do.  Find your favorite go to hair styles and use them when you’re having a bad hair day.


Current Regime

My regime includes the LOC method, which helps keep my hair moisturized throughout the week.  I stick with the following regime throughout most of the year with the exception of Winter and when I go swimming.

  • I wash my hair at the end of week & hydrate midweek with a moisturizer and my trusty Q-Redew if needed.
  •  Co-wash after swimming only.  (Stay tuned for details of how to protect and revive hair when swimming)
  • Week 1: Shampoo, Daily Conditioner
  • Week 2: Shampoo, Daily Conditioner
  • Week 3: Shampoo, Daily conditioner
  • Week 4: Clarifying Shampoo, DC
  • Detangle hair while sopping wet with water and conditioner, using Tangle Teeter or fingers. I only use the finger method when wearing a “wash & go”.
  • Style using the LOC method, typically wearing flat twist outs or simple “wash & go” with banding method.
  • Henna every 2 months
  • I use gel to combat humidity sometimes, however, I prefer to use my favorite styling creams most of the time.
  • My night routine consists of moisturizing and sleeping with chunky twists or the pineapple method, always with a satin scarf or bonnet.

Current Products

  • Elucence Clarifying Shampoo
  • Camille Rose Naturals Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse-trying for a period of time
  • Eden Bodyworks All Natural Cleaning Cowash
  • CURLS Coconut Sublime Moisturizing Conditioner (Daily Conditioner)
  • Camille Rose Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment (Deep Conditioner)
  • Camille Rose Algae Deep Conditioner (Deep Conditioner) alternate for previous if its not available in stores.
  • Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Leave-In
  • Garden of Life Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Camille Rose Coconut Water Style Setter
  • Camille Rose Curl Maker (gel styler)

I am currently using several Camille Rose products after sampling various products from this line over a period of time.  I began adding more products from this line to my regime last year, resulting in fabulously moisturized coils.

To view these lovely products, visit my Pinterest page, where I have pinned all of these products and tools under “Beautiful Products”.

Stay tuned for my swimming hair regime and favorite summer beauty products.





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