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It’s finally here, crisp cool weather, beautiful fall colors, warm fuzzy feelings, and fun fall events.  Along with these pleasantries of fall, comes a host of holidays, and family gatherings, featuring tons of rich, tasty food. Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dressing, potatoes, and Christmas  desserts. These savory decadent meals are continuously paraded in our presence, from October to January. All this wonderful eating can expand our waistline and detour health goals. My main concerns during the holiday season, are eating healthy and maintaining my weight goal.  So now’s the time that I begin to evaluate my current exercise routine and equip myself with a plan to both enjoy and limit my intake of holiday foods.

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Oddly enough, I am also on a new budget, as my husband and I prepare to renovate our home.  With my financial budget in mind I revamped my routine and created an exercise routine around the end of 2015.  My new routine is both affordable and convenient, considering my busy schedule.  In the past I have frequently mixed in DVD programs, along with trips to the gym, and 3 mile walks at our local park.  Most of my current exercise routine is done at home, using FREE DVD exercise programs.

The following plan, routine, and exercise programs have helped me stay on track and will continue being the foundation for maintaining my health goals.

  • I will partake of the holiday feasts, limiting my intake of high calorie foods.  On a regular basis I use the 80/20 rule when eating.  I eat healthy 80% of the time and give myself a break about 20% of the time.  This calculation is over the span of a week and and definitely not  an every day routine.  Giving myself a break has definitely helped me not be so uptight about food and the provides opportunities to enjoy some of my favorite foods during family outings and events.  As soon as, I’m finished with the 20% break, I immediately get back on track, starting with plenty of fruit defused water.  I will definitely apply this rule during the holidays and try to fill up on mostly fruit and vegetables, instead of high calorie carbs.


  • My exercise routine consists of 3 days of cardio and 2 days of strengthening, which is usually consists of brisks walks, aerobic exercise, and/or dance aerobics.  My choice for toning is mostly Pilates or free weight toning routines.  I try to squeeze Yoga in as well because it keeps my muscles stretched, which prevents the occasional pinched nerve pain that I’ve had in the past.  I can say that consistently sticking to this routine has definitely decreased my injury spasms and has helped me maintain my weight goal.  I will definitely stick with this routine at for at least the next year.
  • My current exercise programs are very affordable, thanks to the gold mind of FREE resources found at our public library system.  If you have never inquired about the exercise programs available at your own local public library, let me be the first to tell you, YOU SHOULD. Especially if you live in an area where healthy living is the new normal, your public library may have a wealth of resources available.  I have been fortunate enough to find and partake of unlimited amounts of exercise programs available on DVD in our library system and here are a few of my favorites:  Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home (take your pick, low impact, brisk walks), Pilates-any video will do but be sure to start with a beginner’s first, Zumba, Tia Mowry Yoga (great for beginner level), Tara Stiles Yoga.

Whatever your health goals are this holiday season, remember to find some balance and enjoy time with your family and friends.  Maintaining your health goals is a priority but enjoying life and pleasure are important too.  Be balanced.  Sometimes being so rigid about your diet and lifestyle can affect you in a negative way and those around you.  If you indulge  too much, you will live to see another day and start over.  Share your tips and encouragement here on my blog or with those around you.  We all can use extra help during this very tempting time of year.

Happy Eating and Well Living!!!


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