Transitioning into Gratefulness & Thanksgiving.

After the last several months of the political season, which featured behavior that was far worst than a late night reality show, I am so glad that the election is over.  I am a little surprised that so many people are shocked by the behaviors during this election and even stunned that racism is so prevalent. When you see behaviors and mindsets on display in larger arenas, such as politics, its just a reflection of the same behaviors taking place in the local communities.  The state of world, country, and communities are at risk for moral decay, not because of the president elect, it was on the decline prior to the latest election season.  The election was painful evidence of the loss of morality, common courtesy, and the declince of love or at the least care and concern for people.  This election season exposed the ugliness that has already been brewing beneath the surface in our country.  Just think about it, how many times in the past 2 years have you encountered selfish people who are only motivated by their own gains. What about people who are rude and wouldn’t be able to define common courtesy if you paid them a million dollars.

Although it is painfully obvious that there are a lot of adults who are self serving and lack empathy for their fellow man, we still have a lot of things that we can do to impart morality, love, and peace into our county.

  1. Don’t get sucked into ugly converstations and mindsets.  Don’t allow people to suck you into conversations that are not equally open to listening  and understanding opposing views.  Live and let live.  Don’t let people influence you into believing ideas or prejudgments about a group of people or their lifestlye.
  2. Be courteous and kind to everyone.  Don’t change like the wind just because you encounter people of diffferent races, religion, etc.  Believe the best in people, regardless of your prejudgements and what you were raised to believe.  It does not hurt anyone to show common courteous to those around you.
  3. Consider others and much as you consider yourself and people in your immediate circle of friends and family. Sometimes we all can get stuck in the habit of only being concerned about the peopole in our own little bubble, especially when we want or need something.  However, its always good to think about how our decisions and actions are going to effect others.
  4. Teach and role model appropriate behavior.  Remember that there are eyes around you who are looking to you for the correct behavior and response to life issues.  Teach our children how to infuse love and peace into our communities.  We can be peaceful and loving and have varying views in life and issues.

The great news is that when you look a little closer at the election and in your community, most people share the same ideas of helping your fellow man and being kind, courteous and generous. In this season of Thankfulness, we all could use a little practice of gratefulness and thanksgiving, after a period of ugly politics and racist antics.  The only way to counter this environment is to spread love and peace. Some people will have to adjust and transition after participating as either as commentator or spectator of a turbulant time.  What better way to transition, than beginning a season of thankfulness.  Try journaling or speaking gratefulness every day for a month and I’m sure you will be on your way to a more peaceful mind and joyful spirit.

My favorite app:  Gratitude Journal- gives you a prompt to create a grateful journal entry every day.  I decided to start this week and continue for at least the remainder of the year.  I’ll share updates on my progress periodically.

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