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My Transition to Green Living

After years of exploring and reading about green living, I finally decided to at least try to to gradually transition my household products to healthier options. Part of my new Green Living lifestyle includes changing how I deodorize my living and work space.  My initial reason for taking this journey was to improve the air quality in my home, as my kids are very sensitive to aerosols and pretty much any man made fragrance products.

As much as I love to visit bath, and home stores, to rummage through seasonal themed products,  these fragrances were the culprit, triggering headaches, sneezing, and a number of sensitive reactions.  I must admit, it was very difficult to even imagine letting go of my love of store bought fragrances.  After switching scents over and over, and desperately trying to find one that doesn’t cause allergic reactions, I gave up and began exploring natural home fragrances.

So exactly, one year ago in December, I began creating DIY room scents, using everyday resources, like spices, flowers, fruit, and extract flavors.  During my exploration, my thoughtful husband created a spa themed gift set, that included my very first essential oil diffuser.  This gift, completely changed my life and opened my eyes to the world of Aromatherapy.

I loved the idea of purchasing essential oils because it was much easier than cutting up fruit, flowers, etc.., to create aroma.  Soon after receiving my Christmas gift, I purchased two more upper level diffusers and a ton of essential oils. I began researching the art of aromatherapy and discovered the mental, physical and emotional benefits of inhaling the essence of oils.  For example, a combination to relieve headaches:  2 drops of Lavender oil, 2 drops of Peppermint oil, & 1 drop of Rosemary oil.  Now I am enjoying healthier fragrances and reaping the benefits of diffusing essential oils.


Here are some of my favorite combinations that I enjoyed throughout Fall & the Holidays:

Fall Scents

3 drops Sweet Orange

1 drop Cinnamon

1 drop Clove

Favorite Combination to refresh the home:

2 drops of DoTerra Cheer

2 drops Wild Orange

2 drops Grapefruit

Stress Reliever

6 drops Sage

4 drops Lavender

2 drops Lemon

This past summer brought on even more changes, as I began switching to green cleaning products and air fresheners.  Grove Collaborative has made it easy for me to buy and explore these amazing products. With this amazing company, customers can subscribe to receive products, each at its on scheduled timing as needed.  Now I have favorites that I continue to subscribe to and use every day.

gove collab

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