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2018 Summary

I have picked up my Surface Pro at least 5 times trying to muster up the courage and/or inspiration to create a post for the end of the year.  I don’t quite know how I feel about tonight, which is I spent all day thinking about what to write.  So with three hours left, I just decided to to write from the heart, in hopes that how I feel will inspire someone and bring closure for myself.

2018 began with me declaring it “the best year ever” .  I’m not sure if I will ever make this type of declaration again.  It seems that all hell broke loose in my life from the moment I said it. 2018 has been one of the most challenging years of my life.  As I sit hear reading  everyone’s summaries of their year, I seem to be in good company.  A lot of people seemed to have ups and downs this year or extremely challenging situations.  Its great to see that even with the challenges, many people are able to find the positives of this year a reflect on those things.

Outwardly, I was faced with my own personal illness, a major family illness, serious career challenges, and loss of income.  Through it all, God has truly been good, and I have not encountered any major losses. Although, there’s things that we can all be grateful for, I have to admit that I leave 2018 being most grateful for things that took place inwardly in my life.  During the last five months, I have grown tremendously in my spiritual life, emotionally, mentally, and in my relationship with God. I leave this year knowing that what has taken placed in me is invaluable and will one day be manifested through actions that help others.

2018 was a year of growth and preparation for the season of my life.  I turned forty this year and I feel like I have only began to truly understand my goals and vision for my life.  I leave this year a stronger woman, looking forward to finishing my goals and enjoying life, family, and friends.


Happy New Year!

Have a blessed 2019!

By the way, I have many plans for the blog and more additions to come.  Stay tuned.

Reese Walker with link to blog

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