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Quarantine Glow Up

By: Trinity Walker

Covid-19 changed all of our lives drastically. We have all had to accept and normalize quarantine and learn how to live from home. I am not going to lie; for the first few weeks of quarantine, I was bored out of my mind and found myself counting the hours, not making any use of my time. I got extremely depressed and lonely, and I felt utterly useless! Then I realized I had to make a change. I was going to come out of quarantine the best version of myself, and here are the changes I made.

Quarantine Glow Up (Physically and Mentally)

It’s tempting to sit around in sweats, a hoodie, but I’ve found that if you don’t take care of yourself physically, you start to feel bad on the inside. There is a lot you can do at home to look at your best. While you are at home, try out new hacks or products to promote hair growth and to give you clear, healthy skin! It’s tempting to spend the day with messy, untouched hair.  Try out some protective styles so that your hair can be moisturized and can grow with low manipulation. (Examples can be mini twists, mini braids, buns, cornrows, knotless braids, feed-ins, etc.) Do not be afraid to try something new! Also, make sure to maintain a facial routine unique to your skin. I know it can be easy to slack off but use this quarantine as an opportunity to look amazing afterward. I recently started trying out Mario Budescu’s facial products, and the results have been amazing. I took a quiz to find out my skin type and was given a list of products that they thought would work the best on my skin. After a few weeks of using them, my skin was glowing and pimple free.

As well as a visible glow up, a mental one is essential as well, if not more. Without school, work, or any other social events, you can focus on yourself without input and opinions of others. Spending time alone can help you to better understand yourself. You can also use this time to better develop your relationship with Christ. This time can be very confusing and may bring on a lot of pain, so talk to God, ask Him for guidance and clarity. Rely on Him. Get to know your family more as well. It’s also tempting to sit in your room all day. Develop strong relationships with your family member and create experiences and activities that bring you all joy.

How do you feel you have glowed up during the quarantine?

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