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My Dual Pandemic Self-Care Checklist

There have been many challenges to overcome in 2020.  How we live our day to day life has been greatly effected by the Covid 19 precautions.  I have had my own share of personal circumstances to overcome.  In my opinion, the greatest obstacle of this year has been overcoming the ongoing thoughts and feelings about the dual pandemics. As the current leaders throughout our country pushed us to reopen and return to work, it has become vitally important for me to ensure that I implement daily routines that assist in maintaining a healthy mindset. Creating safe spaces for peace and tranquillity are equally important and necessary tool in my arsenal.  Both of these important tasks have been incorporated into my self-care task list and are the key ingredients to remaining calm and at peace during a trying year.

  1. Prayer and meditation are the first task on my list as it has now become a great tool to set my mind and prepare for the day.  At the start of the week, I evaluate my thoughts and how feel to focus on a topic of concern.  Next, I find a passage of scripture to study for the week that is either related to the topic of concern, the latest message from my pastor, or inspired by prayers.  I study the passage for a week or more if needed.  This process has been very useful in managing stress and maintaining a healthy mindset.
  2. Exercise has continued to be a source of nourishment for my physical body and jump starts my energy for the day. Now that I am in my 40s, I understand the challenges of being a middle aged woman.  Low energy is definitely one that became noticeable around age 39.  Taking time to exercise creates energy and helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Choosing positive and uplifting entertainment daily. I decided to mute negative news outlet, opting to listen to positive music during my daily routines.  The pandemics have made it increasingly difficult to focus with so much going on every day. From news outlets, to radio, and social media, we are bombarded throughout the day with negative news. In my free time, I engage in positive media such as, music that feels good, good books, and funny movies and television programs.  This commitment to myself has helped me avoid the negative and depressing emotions associated with other media.
  4. Creating home atmosphere at work contributes greatly to maintaining a healthy mindset.  It does not matter where you work, you can create a home atmosphere or self-care moments to establish mindfulness practices at work. Bring items to work that help you relax, like stress balls, aromatherapy tools, or a good book for your lunch break.  Later this week, I will share how I created a self-care box for work.
  5. Quiet lunch breaks are great for refocusing and taking a mid-day break.  I absolutely love eating lunch with my coworkers but of course Covid 19 precautions makes social lunch breaks difficult to achieve.  My lunch break has now become a time to relax by enjoying a healthy lunch and light reading.
  6. Relaxing evenings are definitely my favorite time of day. After we have had dinner and conversations, we typically try to relax with music and end the day with a funny television show. I also enjoy taking a walk with the dog and relaxing on the back porch with a book.

Self-care during the dual pandemics can help you relieve stress and maintain a healthy mindset. I hope that you have taken time to evaluate your current self-care routine and amped to continue being awesome for the remainder of this very challenging year.

Take care and visit my previous post, “5 Things I Do Before 8am” for more tips on creating your own self-care checklist.

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